Senior Management Course

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As you progress through your career you take on more responsibilities, teams get bigger and the headaches can become more frequent. If this sounds true to you then Career Change Wales’s ILM endorsed course will equip you with a greater knowledge and understanding of your critical role. From dealing with performance management, both positive and negative, absenteeism, and personal growth in your role, this professional opportunity is one to embrace. In our vast experience, and with the eyes of your peers and teams upon you, even the most seasoned leader has times of uncertainty, especially in this current economic climate. Now more than ever, leaders have to take a stand and build confidence in their teams and organisations. From motivation without negative or financial cost to protecting yourself in the boardroom, allow us to help you move up a gear in terms of your leadership style and credibility.

Who Should Attend?

Any leader or senior manager who has been in position for several years who finds themselves dealing with multi-layered organisations or complex individuals. If you have a larger team supporting you, or are a business owner looking for a practical programme that really packs a leadership punch, this course is for you.

Commitment Required

Pre-coursework to be completed, including the completion of a learning contract, individual requirements assessed with a Career Change Wales mentor, all modules over four days to be attended and post-course written evaluation from each delegate.

Course Outline

  • What is your current leadership style and how does it affect your operation and team?
  • Dealing with performance management – is this just about telling people off, or is there a bigger picture that can be working against you without your knowledge?
  • Are you a leader or a manager? How much do you allow ego to rule the roost? We all do it, but how much is down to your individual style and determination to grow?
  • Once you enter the boardroom the rules of engagement change dramatically. Learn how to be more determined and negotiate with the big guns while communicating at a much higher level.
  • Learn how to use what influence you have to its maximum potential. In every situation you have influence – what and how much depends on your skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Marketing and planning your business are pivotal to your role: understand the key concepts and blow away the myths with easy-to-implement tools and skills.
  • Succession planning is vital, and so is training. Who does your training for you and how effective is it? Learn the main skills in ensuring your teams are up to date with the latest training tools and applications.
  • You will have coached people before now – or was it actually something else? How much was simply telling them what to do and how did this affect morale?


  • A participative, practical and informative course that involves you from the start.
  • Increased awareness of your own leadership style and how you can enhance its effectiveness.
  • Use the boardroom correctly, get your views listened to, and put them across in the right way.
  • Be able to build any future business opportunity by following a robust business and marketing plan.
  • Develop skills that encourage people to ‘own’ tasks and solve problems effectively without you needing to hold their hand.
  • Build greater trust and support in your relationships with your key people and peers.
  • Become an accomplished negotiator, know when to walk away and put your influence to work for you instead of against you.
  • Learn the skill of empathy and, more importantly, how to use it productively.
  • Learn how to change the focus of your motivational skills to allow this key area to jump up several levels.


Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


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