Teacher Training Courses

CCW offer a variety of Teacher training courses for individuals hoping to develop skills or start a new career in adult education. All of these courses cover everything you would need as a teacher, trainer or facilitator. These courses are intended for adult education but can be used in educational situation to develop training courses or facilitate learning

Education and Training (EAT)blackboard man

The EAT (Education and Training) qualification is the entry level course in teaching in the lifelong learning sector. The course covers everything that a tutor teacher or facilitator would need to develop in order to create specific learning objectives with the intention of teaching specific objectives for learners. the course covers learning styles, teaching material, learning outcomes, best practices and legislation around teaching.

Train the Trainer Master Class

The Train the Trainer course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. The course has been designed with all of our experience, skill, innovative excellence, and imagination. This training course aims to liberate trainers from their fears and empower them to use their most potent developmental weapon, themselves. This is not just a course for experienced trainers, people with little or no experience will benefit from a course that takes the fear out of training, replacing it with passion for teaching.

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