The Art of Delegation

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for those candidates who would like to learn the skills of team delegation. The course offers you the opportunity to develop skills appropriate to develop your team building skills in an office working environment.

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This course offers candidates the opportunity to develop your team delegation skills in your work environment and to fully understand the benefits of having these skills.

When is it appropriate to delegate? You should delegate when:

  • There is a lot of work
  • A member has special skills for or interest in a specific task
  • Someone can benefit from the responsibility
  • Routine matters need attention
  • Details take up too much time and have to be divided

When is it inappropriate to delegate? You should NOT delegate when:

  • The task is something you would not want to do because it is menial
  • Someone is under qualified or over qualified for the task
  • The work is your specified responsibility
  • The area is big or is an unsolved problem
  • Is an issue or matter dealing with the personal feelings of another or with confidentiality

Who benefits from delegation? Everyone!

The benefits for the group are:

  • More involved and committed members
  • More projects and activities are undertaken
  • The probability of completing more projects increases
  • Members have additional opportunities to develop and improve leadership skills
  • The future leaders of the organization will be more qualified to assume leadership roles
  • The organization functions more smoothly

The benefits for the leader are:

  • Able to give more attention to their tasks
  • Less likely to suffer from burnout as a result of over extending oneself
  • Assist with the growth and development of the members
  • Develop skills in executive and administrative functions

How do I delegate?

Ask for volunteers. This will allow you to see who is interested in the task and who believes they are qualified to complete the task. If no one volunteers, you will need to be creative in approaching someone to accept the responsibility.

Appoint or suggest someone. This technique provides you the opportunity to promote someone who may lack the self-confidence to volunteer, but may be interested.

Assign through committee. This takes the pressure off an individual and reinforces organizational structure.

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