Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation

Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation

Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation is important for any HR professional. Handling Human Resource matters are high on the agenda for many companies, especially when dealing with staff of a diverse mix. The need to have a balanced, fair HR Policy and an equitable pay structure has never been so important. Against a background of increasing legislation, case law and a national fascination with the “Bonus” culture, managers need to know what they can and cannot do on the pay front.

Aims and Objectives:glasses on paper

On completion of this Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation course delegates will have a clear understanding of HR matters associated to the office environment and understand the origins of the equal pay legislation and the associated risks of having an unequal pay structure. The Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation course will explore different types of HR legislations, Company Policies, pay structure, pay modelling and summarise the key phases of an implementation programme for all these important issues.

Course Outline:

  • An introduction into the Human Resource Policies and related issues
  • Background to the Equal Pay Act
  • Key elements of the equal pay legislation
  • Establishing the main risk areas and preparing suitable mitigation
  • Pay structure design
  • Different types of job evaluation scheme
  • Working through a typical model for a diverse workforce
  • The job evaluation process
  • Pay modelling
  • Shaping and implementation programme


The Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation course is a mixture of short lectures, presentations, interactive discussions and individual/group exercises.

Intended for:

Supervisors, managers and specialists who need to have a clear and practical understanding of the subject.

Course duration:

1 day (6 hours)

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