Understanding Leadership


You will at the end of this course be able to lead and inspire your team as well as yourself to do better in everyday events. If you need a qualification, or even help to be able to lead a team and are unsure of your capabilities, this is the course for you. It will give a greater understanding of leading, and what it means to be the head of a workforce or even a group of people.


1.Understanding Leadership Styles

  • You will give your response to cover the criteria of this course

2.Understand leadership qualities and review your own leadership qualities and potential

  • You will;
  • Gather information about your own leadership style;
  • Use the information to assess your preferred leadership patterns;
  • Assess whether the leadership is effective in practice;
  • Identify if there’s any action that can be taken to improve.



Minimum: 4 credits

Minimum: 2 Units

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