Understanding Recruitment and Selection of Staff


This course will teach you how to select the right staff to recruit for certain job roles and what you’re looking for in a candidate. You need this course if you aren’t sure how to pick out the right person from an interview or by looking at CVs.

Course Content

By the end of the course delegates will :

1.Know how to plan to recruit and select new staff in the workplace

  • You will;
  • Understand job roles;
  • Be able to place staff with appropriate duties;
  • Know what will be needed for what job;

2. Know how to select the right person

For this task you will be preparing to recruit someone for a post in your area of responsibility. If this is not possible, you are going to use the scenario of replacing any existing member of your team. Identify a post for which a new employee needs to be recruited. In order to recruit to this post:

  • You must;
  • Identify your organisation’s policies and procedures;
  • Policies will guide you in recruitment, selection and induction in the workplace.
  • Delegates will;
  • Conduct a job analysis;
  • Prepare a job description;
  • Prepare a person specification for the post.
  • Explain how you would;
  • Prepare for selection interviews to ensure impartiality;
  • Ensure that the most suitable applicant is selected;
  • Explain a recognised selection technique that could be used.



Minimum: 4 credits

Minimum: 2 Units

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