Become a Better Salesperson Using NLP

Give yourself the competitive edge, why should your customer buy from you? This workshop will challenge you to provide exceptional customer service, to every customer. We will teach you how to become a better salesperson using NLP. We establish and explore your thoughts and beliefs as a customer and discover how you can delight your customers in such a way, they will become fans of you and your company.

Using NLP

Regardless of your background or current role this workshop provides practical real-life examples which will enhance your knowledge, impact your sales, personal attitude, and enable you to stand out from your competitors.


  • What is Communication?
  • Understanding your personal communication style.
  • Developing your strengths & qualities.
  • Understanding patterns, habits & beliefs.
  • Dominant buying motives.
  • Dealing with objections.
  • Develop great listening skills.
  • The sales funnel.
  • Learn to deal positively with complaints.
  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Walk in your customers shoes? How does it feel?
  • Closing the sale, a win-win situation.
  • Establish pro-active behaviour to create and maintain customer loyalty.
  • So much more.

During this workshop will use you will learn advanced NLP techniques, these will enable you to look, feel and behave in a different way. You will also learn through real-life scenarios, peer feedback and proven sales techniques.

2-day workshop

WHO WOULD ENJOY THIS?  This workshop is suitable for people who have no customer service and sales experience, or they would like to update, re-enforce and gain new skills.

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