Cardiff SME joins EU collaboration to address youth employability

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Cardiff SME joins EU collaboration to address youth employability

This week a local SME (CCW-Training Academy), based at 5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff, has successfully completed an Erasmus+ (KA2 – Strategic Partnership) two year project called E2MP.  CCW-Training Academy is one of the very few companies in Wales to be successful in partnering with European organisations to receive a joint funding bid from the European Commission.  The €200,000 project is now live ( and offers Welsh Erasmus+ project managers and SMEs’ the opportunity to apply for funding on Erasmus+ projects. The initiative will assist young people to secure funded work experience abroad and help to improve their employability skills.

E2mp dissemination event

The project is based on innovation and strategic partnership, drawing upon good practices and working processes from partners in Italy, Poland, France and Wales. The dissemination event was held at 5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff where 20 guests from across Wales learned about the project and how to access funding.

Local partner CCW-Training Academy

Mike Tan (Director) said, “We are delighted to be part of an international collaboration and use our expertise in this specialist sector where there will be opportunity for all Youth Workers in Wales”.  CCW has been working on Erasmus+ projects for over 5 years and has managed to host over 50 international interns and EVS candidates. CCW has now secured further Erasmus funding and last year won and leading to support young people across Wales and Europe.

About e2mp

This on-line training platform was created to address the lack of project management skills among youth worker and especially young people with fewer opportunities.  The E2MP project partners all have experienced in managing European projects and preparing young people for departure, mentoring and evaluating them. The project mainly aims to train the youth managers to correctly manage European mobility projects for young people.

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