E2MP Partner Meeting in Palermo

The E2MP partners are preparing the 4th project meeting. The meeting will be held by CESIE, in Palermo, the 26th to 27th of May. The partners are going to prepare the final output, an online platform gathering the newly created tools:

  1.  The European Mobility Project Management Training SheetsE2MP
  2. Specific training sessions related to the support of young people with fewer opportunities before, during and after the mobility project implementation
  3. Evaluation and certification process in European Mobility project management for youth workers
  4. Professional orientation and inclusion session guide for youth workers.

The platform is intended to be easy to use. The information used in the training is mainly based on good practices developed by the partners in their organisation, while supporting young people in mobility project.
The participating organisations have more than 15 year experience working with youth and young people with fewer opportunities. They prepared hundreds of people to a mobility project and have been reworded by young people change: they become more confident, open-minded, gained employability skills, found a job back in their country or continued education.
The partnership will use its expertise to train new youth workers helping more young people to develop and benefit, in all its ways, of a mobility project!

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