Erasmus+ Internships

Erasmus+ Internships

We are working with our European partners to help some of Europe’s top students/graduate to; find Erasmus+ Internships, improve their English language, improve their communication skills and develop the professional skills and attitudes that will follow them throughout their career.

We also work with secondary schools in our short term programme with partners from schools in France, Spain, Poland and Slovenia. This short term (one to 11 weeks) programme assist school students to experience practical working live whilst undertaking their internship with us. We can offer up to 10 internship placement in one group of students. We have dedicated supervisors and mentors to monitor our internship programme.

Our exchanges are about co-operation, collaboration and mutual benefit. Some of the potential gains for your company include;

Quality Students and Placements

Students on an Erasmus+ Internships that engaged in these exchanges are of the highest calibre and have undergone strict selection criteria. We only send quality students to quality placements. All of our delegates are required to pass a minimum quality standard and all of our placements will provide; quality, safety and avenues of collaboration. This programme will provide quality placement, and will also develop potential business links for all parties involved across Europe and the UK. We keep a close eye on all our placement organisations to make sure that our interns get as much back as they give.

Innovation from Europe

Individuals that come to the UK for a Erasmus+ Internships come from many European organisations and companies. Our delegates bring with them the knowledge and innovations from their countries that can help improve your company and, in-turn, help them to improve and develop. By sharing and collaborating with ideas and innovation, your company and your staff can benefit to no end. Many of our exchange students are educated to a high standard and graduates. We offer the opportunity to take on a highly educated young professional with a slew of ideas and innovations.


“I would like to thank Mike Tan for an opportunity to work in Career Change Wales Training Academy. This was the place where I not only  learned my basics in administration but was given an opportunity to support interesting projects and undertake tasks that were relevant to my degree and field of work I was interested in. I was given tasks which interested me, whenever possible. Being an intern I also had an opportunity to attend various training courses in order to enhance my knowledge in the fields of interest. Working in CCW was always a pleasure, staff members  were very approachable and friendly, my work was recognised and I would always receive constructive feedback. Looking back I am positive that the internship experience with CCW helped me to secure my first job as well as increase my confidence in myself.” – Judita Morkvenaite (Lithuania) – local candidate.

“I enjoyed working in Career Change Wales and I have been still noticing the benefits right now, during my new job. Mike his a great leader and his teachings have modeled my professional behaviour for the better. It is not only a Training Academy, this is a School of Life. Thanks to the whole staff, I am glad to have met you! See you soon.” Elisabetta Corsico (Italy) – private candidate.

“My Graduate Internship at CCW has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life. Thanks to the advice and support of Mike I have learnt key skills about personal development, CV Writing, Interview Skills and Psychology of Leadership, that have helped me to find an excellent job in the Civil Engineering field. Mike and the rest of the staff in CCW have been always helpful and understanding with me and have guided me to my career success.” Cristobal Rodriguez Coca (Spain) – local candidate.

“Working together with my friendly colleagues from CCW was an enriching experience especially for my professional development. I want to thank Mike (managing director) for his trust to let me solve tasks and problems my way and for challenging me in a good way. I could bring in my knowledge and skills, which were appreciated and valued by CCW and I had the opportunity to become acquainted with new fields like Marketing, Event Management and Delivery of English Lessons. Special thanks to Dan (office manager) who is always positive and professional. I also had the opportunity to attend the ILM trainings “The Psychology of Leadership” and “Marketing for Managers” which were beneficial for me. Dr. Glen Paterson and George Savva are brilliant tutors and I recommend everybody to attend these trainings if there is any possibility – it is more than worth it! Many thanks to the CCW Team.” Ella Pop (Germany) – Erasmus + VET candidate.

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