Nov 2015 Erasmus+ (Key Action 1 – VET)

Erasmus Plus

Vocational Education Training (VET): Since the inception of CCW, we have hosted over 30 European graduates in our offices. Most of these interns are former Leonardo da Vinci and VET financed graduates.

Support: During their stay in Cardiff, the interns have received mentoring and coaching support from CCW Director, and team members.

Accommodation: All our interns have been placed with local host families. During the last six years, CCW has developed a network of host families in and around Cardiff, offering our interns not only food and accommodation, but also social and language support, including a better understanding of the British culture. These interns will have the opportunity to attend at least 5 days of vocational training in HR, Management and Leadership topics.  They will have a “buddy” and a mentor allocated on arrival.

Selection criteria for VET: Most of the interns working with us are proposed to us by our European partners.  They will be the first to implement the selection.

Once a candidate has been suggested to us we will then request a CV and a covering letter in English so a Skype  interview can be arranged.

If you are interested in doing a VET internship with us, please contact a sending organisation in your country.

Youth Workers mobility:

What is a ‘Youth Worker?’

A youth worker is a person working/volunteering with youth in the field of formal and/or non-formal education and training. They can participate in seminars, training courses, contact-making events and study visits, as well as observation and job-shadowing in a relevant organisation abroad.

CCW is also participating in KA1 mobility projects for youth workers and has opened their  door to allow European people to observe/job-shadow/train with us for 3 – 6 months.

The participants are funded by Erasmus + projects and need to approach a sending organisation.

At the end of the programme, the participants will receive a Youth Pass and would have gained new employability skills.

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