Post Covid Training

Post Covid Training

Post covid training

Find out about our new Post Covid Training courses! We have started creating new, exciting and vibrant courses for 2022. These courses will cover a wide variety of topics. We have created courses around bid writing, project management, marketing and more.

Our new post covid courses will come into affect in January 2022, if you’re interested then make sure you contact us to find more about the courses to see if they’re right for you. We will also be offering discounts on courses for group bookings, so get your business ready for 2022 by training through some of our excellent new courses!

You can find some of the courses that we have already made here:

Winning Bids and Tenders

Winning bids and tenders 2022: Our introduction to Bid Writing course offers learners the required skills and knowledge specific to this subject. Our beginner course will give you the fundamentals to Bid Writing. This introductory course will allow you to understand the importance of PQQ, ITT and Open Tendering stages. Learners will understand the various practical techniques in preparation of submitting a bid or tender.

Marketing for Post COVID-19

This course examines how new digital tools, such as the internet, smartphones, and more, are revolutionising the world of marketing by changing the roles and practices of both firms and consumers.

This course will cover topics such as; analytics and data insight through Google, business strategy, content marketing, advertising, e-commerce, marketing and more!

Enhancing Your Project Management Knowledge

This “Enhancing your Project Management Knowledge” course explores what it takes to successfully plan and execute a project while considering the wider business context in which the project operates.

You will experience a typical day in the life of a project manager and learn the key competencies of an agile project manager. Exploring scrum and waterfall models, project initiation, phases, critical path, financial implication and extended life cycles.

If you’re interested in this course or would like some more information then please feel free to contact us through either phoning 029 21 156 603 or emailing

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