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Where: Prenčov, SlovakiaART KRUH

Leading and receiving organisation: Artkruh

Description of the organisation: Artkruh’s activities aim to contribute to the local and the regional development and sustainability. The organisation pays special attention to topics such as ecological sustainability andcommunity building.

Artkruh have built a center based on non-formal education focusing on the development of human talents, especially in fields of art, handycraft and healthy lifestyle.

‘How we can do it!’ gives the organisation team the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills as well as gain new ones.

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Context: Residing Slovak countryside the locals face specific conditions combining conservatism and traditional passivity.  Artkruh team believes that the change of these conditions have to start with youth. Young people are bearers of progressive ideas, but often lose their motivation because of various social conditions. They often lack both self-management (time management, definition of goals, searching for suitable methods, endurance) and management skills (communication, teamwork, analyzing and solving of the problems). This can lead to resignation and passive attitude towards fulfilling of life goals and duties. Another case is when they use their energy against their social environment by different sorts of rebellion ending with conformism with given social frames. By acquiring leading and managing skills they can use their talents and potential for causing of positive changes in their community and thus also reaching meaningful integration. Receiving the right tools, young people have a chance not to lose their enthusiasm and energy for active participation in the life of their community and society.

Artkruh team believes that presence of young people from around Europe and implementation of this project can be another step towards change in the life of village of Prenčov and region of Hont.

Project objectives:Youth exchange promo_amended_MT

  • The activation of young people towards rising to the occasion of positive change.
  • The project is focused on basic project management for sustainable community life.
  • It is intended to find ways and approaches of managing small meaningful changes inside of social and cultural environment. Managing skills are understood in broader sense, as an ability of organizing one’s own life but also events and situations around, inviting others to take part.

Desirable outcome is exploration and acquisition of (self) managing skills, necessary for leaders and useful for broader community.

In the centre of the exchange is an experimental project, which will serve as a model example for education about project management. For this experimental project the leading Artkruh has prepared together with local mayor several options. Choice is on the participants and it is intended to be made on the basis of communication with local people.

Connection with a EU financed project – social achievement.

Artkruh wants to activate local people to express their opinion about possible improvements, and to activate them to take part in their achievement. By these steps Artkruh team wants locals to feel this place as their own, not as something from EU grants that has no association with their life. Another vision is to use this place for bringing closer Roma citizens with Slovaks. An important part is also celebration at the end of the experimental project. On the celebration Artkruh will invite local Roma musicians, cook traditional Slovak food and to thank the participants the team will make a culturally rich international event. By this experimental project participants will explore important steps of project management. They can discover the importance of a social site, including communication with local people, and the final celebration that brings life to the matter.

Achievements:EVS Pic

This project reflects the claim for development of active citizenship and community integration. It is focused on improving the level of key competences and skills of young people in the field of leadership and management.

It increases sense of initiative and entrepreneurship as well as self-empowerment andself-esteem.

Among others project also rises the understanding of other cultures, countries and habits. The Projects are also enhancing the international dimension of youth activitiesand the role of youth workers as well as cooperation between organisations from programme countries.

The project learning outcomes:

  • Project management methodology: participants will go through whole process of project management in theory and in practice.
  • Time management,
  • Definition of goals
  • Analysing and solving of the problems
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Understanding of different cultures and habits . Participants will have also close contact with local community which includes local Roma people
  • Handicraft skills – pottery, land art, pastry baking, permacultural gardening
  • Learning to learn – is another key competence, which will be present throughout the project.

The participants will receive at the end of the project a Youthpass certificate. It will certify participants’ new skills and competences.

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