Trustpilot Transparency Report 2022

CCW-Blog (October 2023):

To-date, we have achieved an excellent Trustpilot review consisting of 98% 5* and 2% 4*

Trustpilot Transparency Report 2022

Peter Holten Mühlmann, founder and CEO last year, published their first ever Trustpilot Transparency Report, to give a more insight into the inner workings of Trustpilot. A result of their continued ambition to earn the trust of both consumers and businesses globally, as the platform that ignites trust between the two.  As someone born and raised in Denmark – one of the most trusted places in the world. He had witnessed first-hand how the trust we hold in each other can provide cultural, societal, and economic benefits to everyone. Internet adoption globally is only increasing, transcending geographies and cultures.

An interesting read, for more information please click the link below.

trustpilot-transparency-report-uk-2022.pdf(Review) – Adobe cloud storage

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