Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Bespoke Training

Growing your company whether you are a micro company, SMS, or public organisation looking to develop your staff and unsure of a structured training program – contact us and we can help to design a bespoke training package that is unique to your company. Our expertise are in the following sectors: Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering and Service Businesses.

ERASMUS+ (KA2) Project – Strategic Partnership and innovation

Working with organisation looking to partner to develop a specific innovative ERASMUS+ (KA2) project, design and submit a joint bid document.

ERASMUS+ Bid Writing Services

Our bid writing consultancy services are: to provide bid writing expertise, advise in the preparation of KA2 bid submission and other European projects.

Consultancy Services in Digital Media for SME

What skills and training would benefit you, and are you considering office work? CCW-Training Academy an innovative local training provider in Cardiff, Wales can help you!

i.e. Administrator, office assistant, office support team members and etc.  All companies, small or large will need staff to have basic essential skills in computing. The ECDL is the essential tool for any employee to hold.  It will help you to communicate and enable you to access information more easily.  This certified qualification recognised by the National Qualification Control Framework (NCF), will make you more attractive to employers.

ECDL is the world’s number one IT user qualification it is recognised and valued in workplaces around the globe as proof of competence in IT.  Effective IT user skills will help you unlock the potential of your computer.  You will discover new, faster ways to communicate, solve tasks and access information.

ECDL will:-

  • help your employment prospects (obtain a recognised qualification/s)
  • help you progress in your career (use your skills in confidence)
  • improve your IT skills (saving time & money)
  • build your confidence in IT (able to understand in detail the Microsoft Suite)
  • improve your application skills (able to apply in a practical environment)

Why ECDL Qualification?

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL): NCF/QCF Level 1, 2 & 3)

ECDL qualification framework can be flexible and relevant, allowing learners to build qualifications around their specific needs.  It is designed for people of all ages and skill levels ranging from ECDL levels 1, 2 and 3.  Examples of modules are: using e-mail and the internet, Word processing, Excel and Presentation software.  ECDL offers a number of routes for training so you can attain your qualifications at your own pace through flexible learning at our centre (Approved British Computer Society Centre), even when if you are in full time employment.

Why Digital Literacy Skills?

Digital literacy is now vital, around 90% of the UK’s job adverts require digital literate applicant’s as businesses are become more dependent on IT.  ECDL is now widely acknowledged and recognised by employers as proof of competence when using IT, making it a valuable credential on any CV.

Local Government offices, Welsh Government, NHS, engineering industries, private sectors and others all recognise the benefits and importance of ECDL training for their employees. The ECDL is recognised across the globe as a benchmark for IT competence and is known to improve employment prospects.

Why management training?

The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 2, 3, 4 & 5 qualification (NQF/QCF)

The ilm qualifications teach delegates to understand the skills in self-leadership and resilience, be able to set S.M.A.R.T objectives and solve problems in the work place. Participants will gain knowledge in: using effective self-leadership to achieve identified goals; self-leadership skills; and how to reflect on self-leadership.

Being a supervisor, team leader or even manager means being actively involved in the processes of making decisions and solving problems.  Certainly, becoming adept in the process is a sure way to increase efficiency and effectiveness of both yourself and your workplace.  What is certain is that people that solve problems and consistently make good decisions do well.

The ILM level 2 & 3 training modules will also be developing your Self-Leadership style and it covers some of these modules as shown below:

  • Definitions
  • Self-leader’s prominent features and skills
  • Effective self-leadership and resilience
  • M.A.R.T. method of goal setting
  • Self-motivation
  • Problem solving – IDEAL Model; 5 Whys
  • Managing a problem and make decision
  • Showing resilience by coping in a positive
  • Asking for help
  • Reflect on self-leadership: questionnaire, exercises
  • Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Project management
  • And many others

The Level 4 and 5 cover many of the above topics but they also cover slightly different modules such as:

  • Developing yourself
  • Developing others in the workplace
  • Understanding governance of organisations
  • Managing improvement
  • Improving your workforce
  • Managing change
  • Leading innovation
  • Managing customer relations
  • And many more

Free Career Advice and Assistance to all of our Learners

As part of our exceptional service and offering, CCW give free career advice and consultations to all of our learners and potential clients. We understand that navigating your way through times of uncertainty can be difficult and a stressful. You may not see the the right way or you may feel lost.

What we Offerglasses on paper-1024x1024

We offer a free careers consultation with advice and guidance from Managers, Directors, Decision Makers, Academics and industry professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in their vocational sectors. It’s a free, impartial, and friendly advice service. We have been helping local and European graduates to improve their ‘soft skills’ for and after graduation. Our offering also include helping candidates to improve their CV, job application chances, interview preparation and interview debriefing to help to see why you aren’t getting the jobs your applying for and how to help you further.

Other Support

We also advise you on what course would help you to get the job you want. The vast majority of our courses offered are accredited by an awarding body and recognised world wide. This means that when you complete a course with us you get a certificate and from the awarding body and us detailing your qualification and learning content. We can refer you to a coach or mentor if we feel you need additional help to get on in the job world.

We can also assist you in finding funding for your training courses. Some people will be eligible for funding under various schemes such as ReAct II or through alternative funding routes. If there is funding available then we can help you find it and utilise it for your career development.

Support for Organisationblackboard man

If you are a business owner or looking to develop your business then we can help you to find and acquire funding to develop your key players. Training can be used to fund leadership and management skills within your team and to develop any other essential organisational requirements. is can include; IT skills, industry specific software training, electro-technical training courses, and any industry specific subjects.

For more information on any of our funding options or to book a free consultation contact us on 02921156603 or Email

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