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Health and Wellbeing is important for everyone. Benenden Health’s publication stated that over two million UK adults leaving their job since the first COVID-19 lockdown, businesses have to adapt to a new working routine. The research also concluded that in order to identify what employees – and employers – value in the workplace. Hence, understanding the importance of work/life balance and wellbeing after the pandemic. The average business in the UK has seen nearly 7% of its workforce leave since the summer of 2020, with employees readdressing their priorities and seeking new life-style benefits from their workplace arrangements.

Research also identified that a good work/life balance and flexible working are the top attractions for new recruits, more so than competitive pay and bonuses.

The so-called ‘Great Resignation’ has seen record numbers of workers seek alternative employment over the past year, with the number of open jobs in the UK surpassing one million for the first time ever in August 2021. A significant number of employees have switched jobs due to the way their business treated employees during the C-19 pandemic, highlighting the continuing challenge for firms to keep workforces happy and maintain a competitive advantage.

And businesses owners agree that almost 63% explained that their employees place more value on work/life balance now than before the C-19 pandemic, whilst 40% acknowledge that they need to do more to stand out and attract new recruits. Businesses are expressing concern that their talented people may resign soon – however, this provides a great opportunity for firms to adapt and position themselves as an employer that listens and supports employees.

Therefore, businesses have to upskill their workforce to enable them to be multi-task and increase their knowledge, and digital skills whilst working on their own and/or from home.

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