Management and Leadership Training

Professional development is the continuous and ongoing process of learning to maintain the professionalism, knowledge and understanding necessary to advance in a business environment.

All of these modules can be accredited:

Facilitation Skills A facilitator stands in a background position without taking active part in a discussion, but enables the group to work more effectively promoting mutual understanding.

General Appraisal SkillsThe course offers you the opportunity to develop skills appropriate to undertake professional staff appraisal in an office working environment.

Managing MeetingsThis is a practical interactive course that will help participants to feel more equipped to take part, run and be effective in meetings of all types.

Motivational Techniques – Motivating staff is a key part of any manager’s role. This practical workshop helps delegates to establish practical strategies to motivate their team for optimum performance, no matter how testing the times.

Creative Management You need to generate ideas, but how do you get people to be creative? You know some of them have good ideas, but they seem reluctant to share them.

Working the RoomThis one day course focuses on development of the skills and techniques necessary to feel comfortable and enabled within a room full of clients and prospects. This is not a course about ‘the hard sell’, or about techniques to manipulate people.

Managing People At some stage every employee hits problems and difficulties that affect their performance. The role of the Supervisor or Manager is to identify those difficulties quickly and take appropriate action to assist and support the employee in overcoming any barriers and obstacles affecting their performance and therefore the performance of the whole team.

Senior Management TrainingAs you progress through your career you take on more responsibilities, teams get bigger and the headaches can become more frequent.From dealing with performance management, both positive and negative, absenteeism, and personal growth in your role, this professional opportunity is one to embrace.

Team ManagementBeing a manager means managing others as well as the day-to-day aspects of your role: this is a fine challenge at the best of times, but  balancing work / life, ever-changing deadlines and initiatives, and, of course, people issues are all par for the course.

The Art of Delegation This course is suitable for those candidates who would like to learn the skills of team delegation. The course offers you the opportunity to develop skills appropriate to develop your team building skills in an office working environment.

The Power of Middle Management Not achieving targets, poor time management, conflict within the team, your boss’s demands, personal issues outside work – at some stage everyone hits problems and difficulties that affects their performance.

Change Management – Anyone in a management role who would like to either prepare for change within an organisation or for anyone who would like to initiate change within an organisation. Delegates of this course will understand change as inevitable and understand how to plan for it.

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