Our New Leadership Course (NLC)

Our New Leadership Course (NLC)

Good leader needs these tools from this new leadership course to help them to stand-up, be taken seriously, and respected.

Our New Leadership Course (NLC) gives leaders a detailed look at the practical aspects of:

  • C³

    • Communication;

    • Coaching;

    • Conflict Management;

  • D³
    • Delegating;
    • Driving Change, and
    • Diversity & Inclusion

This standalone course is an add-on to your Leadership & Management qualification/s.

What would you gain from this course? The ability to delegate any of your tasks successfully, the knowledge of how to coach and mentor your employees to improve them and their productivity. You will learn how to manage conflict within your team, and how to be an inclusive workplace to ensure you hire the best person for the job.

Find out how to drive change and how this can help you to improve not only yourself but those who work for you. Learn how to communicate properly with your employees in this course!

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