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Davina Davies
Davina Davies
I have recently completed an AAT assessment at CCW. When I arrived, Mike was very welcoming and put me at ease. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. The assessment process went smoothly and Harri was very helpful when making the arrangements. Would definitely recommend.
Ceri Roach
Ceri Roach
I would highly recommend Careers Change Wales after completing their web development course through the ReAct scheme. The course was well structured and delivered exactly what was outlined beforehand, and more. The course tutor was knowledgeable and happy to discuss aspects key to me in a greater detail. Everyone at CCW was welcoming and professional, whilst great communication was maintained throughout. Thank you again!
Peter Stack
Peter Stack
I took the ILM v5 courses in Individual Development and Project Management. The courses and tutors were absolutely fantastic, really engaging, friendly, informative and enjoyable. I have learnt real useful skills here to help me with my journey. A big thanks to Mike and team for providing and teaching both great courses, along with their advice and guidance to get me through to gain the ILM v5 Award.👍👍
Julija Amon
Julija Amon
In August 2019 me and Anže attended an erasmus+ project which was held in Wales where we stayed for about a month. During this project we met many people with good intentions and a vast majority of knowledge that they passed on to us. The context of the project taught us the basics of organizing, a lot of new advanced English and work safety. We also learned a lot about people skills and about us in general. We stayed at Mike and Jane’s house and they were both very welcoming. While we were there we loved to talk with them but besides that we also had the privilege to taste their tasty cousine and even learn some basic karate. The experience was incredible and i would do it again.
Sanni Salisu
Sanni Salisu
I have just completed my ILM level 3. Very knowledgeable and experienced tutors. The examples given was tailored to the industry I and other candidates worked in which made it more relatable and easy to grasps. Communication was very good and quick response when reviewing assignments. I recommend CCW for their courses and I look forward to learning from them again in the near future.
chris gough
chris gough
Dave Assinder
Dave Assinder
From dealing with the staff at CCW for a few months I can say the experience was really beneficial. The content they deliver is very detailed, they have a lot of experience which they convey. They’re always m happy to help in whatever way they can. The training set up is great as it allows for a more personal experience. It was a pleasure learning from them and I would love to do a course again with them in the future.
Verly Tunley
Verly Tunley
I was made redundant after 42 years working for a retail company as a Customer Service Manager. I had no formal qualifications and needed to up skill in computer technology. I met Mike the company director, he put me at ease with his compassion and understanding. He tailored courses to my needs. I completed the ILM management course . The tutor was very professional and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the course immensely in a relaxed atmosphere. I then completed ECDL 1 & 2 with Harri . It was with Harri's time and patience that I persevered with the course. They adapted the course to my learning style and I was able to work at my pace. Time was not an issue and their flexible approach was second to none . I would like to thank CCW for supporting me in my endeavour to gain employment . These new skills certainly helped me in my new role. I would recommend CCW for anyone needing to up skill and gain further education. Verly Tunley 10/05/20
Rhian Ashton
Rhian Ashton
Career Change Wales provides superb training programmes. The trainers are excellent with a very high level of expertise delivering the training with a skilled and patient attitude. This enables the trainee to fully understand the topics in the method of learning. The organisation of the training programme is excellent. The organisers are very friendly with a professional , dedicated and highly supportive approach in a pleasant personalised environment.The course materials are meticulously prepared and intelligible. I found the ECDL computer, Management training and Social Media topics are invaluable. CCW recognise the importance of the individual's career path and how to adapt and learn in an ever changing world of work.
Bryn Phillips
Bryn Phillips
The ILM endorsed course in Leadership & Management delivered by Career Change Wales was a perfect choice for me. The course was delivered in a professional but relaxed way, with plenty of interaction between the course attendees and the tutors. Any and all questions were answered in a clear and concise manner, backed up by practical examples and personal experiences. The ILM course was packed full of information in the form of handouts, videos, and ‘in class’ internet presentations. As a recently appointed manager of a medium sized multi-national workforce, the training, information and practical examples delivered by CCW and her tutors will be invaluable in my ongoing role. The Leadership & Management course has certainly enhanced my knowledge and understanding of business and personnel management, and has provided some alternative strategies that I will now employ in the future. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of improving their knowledge & skills in their current role, or who is considering career development.

We are now offering online training courses as well as blended learning courses. The blended learning courses are made up of part online, part classroom based. Any of the courses which require an examination to be sat, the examination will be done at our head office which is 5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BD.

Here you can find more information on the online training courses that we offer. You’ll be able to see a more detailed layout of the courses and what they cover. If you would like to sign up for a course please contact us through email -> Please ensure you let us know which course you want to sign up for in the email.

online management training courses

There are links under each title to take you to the relevant type of course. Those will give you more detailed information on our online training courses.

Health and Safety Courses

CLICK HERE to find out more detail about our Healthy and Safety Courses

  • Abrasive Wheel Safety – 40 Minutes
  • Accident Reporting – 15 Minutes
  • Anaphylaxis & Allergies for Schools & Carers – 40 Minutes
  • Asbestos Awareness (+International) – 35 Minutes
  • Asthma Awareness for Schools & Carers – 50 Minutes
  • Banksman Essentials – 20 Minutes
  • CDM Regulations – 30 Minutes
  • Confined Spaces – 35 Minutes
  • COSHH – 25 Minutes
  • Diabetes Awareness for Schools & Carers – 40 Minutes
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) – 25 Minutes
  • Driver Awareness – 25 Minutes
  • DSEAR – 15 Minutes
  • Electrical Safety – 30 Minutes
  • Epilepsy Awareness for Schools & Carers – 45 Minutes
  • Eye Protection – 30 Minutes
  • Fire Awareness* – 30 Minutes
  • Fire Extinguisher Use – 10 Minutes
  • Fire Marshal & Warden* – 40 Minutes
  • First Aid Appointed Person – 20 Minutes
  • First Aid Refresher – 80 Minutes
  • First Aid Refresher: Emergency First Aid – 50 Minutes
  • First Aid Requirements & RIDDOR – 15 Minutes
  • Food Allergy Awareness – 35 Minutes
  • Food Safety & Hygiene – Level 1 – 50 Minutes
  • Food Safety & Hygiene – Level 2 – 70 Minutes
  • Food Safety & Hygiene – Level 3 – 180 Minutes
  • General Workshop Safety – 35 Minutes
  • HACCP – Level 2 – 35 Minutes
  • Hand Arm Vibration Awareness – 20 Minutes
  • Health & Safety Essentials – 45 Minutes
  • Health & Safety for Homeworkers – 50 Minutes
  • Infection Prevention & Control – 30 Minutes
  • Ladder Safety – 25 Minutes
  • Legionella Awareness  – 25 Minutes
  • LOLER – 35 Minutes
  • Lone Worker Safety – 45 Minutes
  • Manual Handling – 45 Minutes
  • Manual Handling Including Tyres – 40 Minutes
  • Medication Awareness in Care – 30 Minutes
  • Medication Awareness in Education – 40 Minutes
  • Moving & Handling People – 50 Minutes
  • Noise Awareness  – 25 Minutes
  • Paediatric First Aid Refresher – 20 Minutes
  • Personal Protective Equipment – 35 Minutes
  • PUWER – 35 Minutes
  • Risk Assessments – 35 Minutes
  • School Trips for Organisers & Support – 45 Minutes
  • Sharps – 20 Minutes
  • Slips, Trips & Falls – 30 Minutes
  • Spill Kits (Bodily Fluids) – 15 Minutes
  • Spill Kits (Chemicals & Oils) – 20 Minutes
  • Working at Height (+International) – 35 Minutes
  • Working in Licensed Premises (Bar Staff) – 60 Minutes

HR Compliance

CLICK HERE to find out more detail about our HR compliance courses

  • Assessing Mental Capacity – 40 Minutes
  • Bullying & Harassment- 15 minutes
  • Disability Awareness & Inclusion- 55 minutes
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness- 25 minutes
  • Effective Remote Working- 30 minutes
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion- 60 minutes
  • FGM Awareness & Prevention-20 minutes
  • Gender Identity & Expression-10 minutes
  • HR Compliance & Wellbeing Essentials- 45 minutes
  • Mental Health Awareness*- 40 minutes
  • New & Expectant Mothers at Work- 50 minutes
  • Prevent Duty-20 minutes
  • Returning to Work- 25 minutes
  • Returning to Work after COVID-19- 25 minutes
  • Safer Recruitment in Education – 50 minutes
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness-25 minutes
  • Stress Awareness & Management- 30 minutes
  • Unconscious Bias-30 minutes

Business Compliance

CLICK HERE to find out more detail about our Business Compliance courses

  • Anti-Bribery-25 minutes                                                             
  • Fraud Awareness & Prevention-35 minutes                          
  • Bomb Threats – 20 Minutes                                                  
  • Competition Law – 20 Minutes
  • GDPR EU Essentials Training – 35 Minutes
  • GDPR EU Refresher Training – 15 Minutes
  • GDPR UK Essentials Training  – 35 Minutes
  • GDPR UK in Education Training – 40 Minutes

Care Certificate Courses

CLICK HERE to find out more detail about our Care Certificate courses

  • Understanding Your Role in Care – 25 Minutes
  • Your personal Development in Care – 20 Minutes
  • Duty of Care – 30 Minutes
  • Equality and Diversity in Care – 30 Minutes
  • Person Centred Care – 30 Minutes
  • Communication in Care – 30 Minutes
  • Privacy & Dignity in Care – 25 Minutes
  • Fluids & Nutrition in Care – 25 Minutes
  • Mental Health, Dementia, & Learning Disabilities- 35 minutes
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults – 50 Minutes
  • Safeguarding Children – 60 Minutes
  • Basic Life Support in Care – 30 Minutes
  • Health & Safety in Care-35 minutes
  • Handling Information in Care – 15 Minutes
  • Infection Prevention & Control in Care-40 minutes

Soft Skills

CLICK HERE to find out more detail about our Soft Skills courses

  • Communication Skills- 10 minutes
  • Confidence Building- 10 minutes
  • Critical Thinking- 15 minutes
  • Effective Meetings- 10 minutes
  • Mindfulness Problem Solving- 10 minutes
  • Project Management Essentials- 15 minutes
  • Responding to Change- 10 minutes
  • Recognising Your Value – 10 Minutes
  • Setting Goals-10 minutes
  • Speaking Confidently- 10 minutes

Management Courses

CLICK HERE to find out more detail about our online Management courses

  • Bullying & Harassment for Management- 30 minutes
  • GDPR EU Advanced (Management) Training- 40 minutes
  • GDPR UK Advanced (Management) Training- 65 minutes
  • Health & Safety for Managers & Supervisors- 40 minutes
  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers-50 minutes
  • School Trips for Management- 30 minutes
  • Unconscious Bias for Management-45 minutes

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