CCW’s Jobs Page


CCW’s Jobs Page

To further support our candidates in returning to employment CCW have launched a section devoted to jobs. These are freely advertised from all organisations and available to all visitors of our site. The jobs section of the website hosts a variety of jobs from various positions. From entry level administration to senior managers, from Cardiff to Abu Dhabi and from Government sectors to Energy sectors. We trawl the internet for these jobs, from sites such as Linkedin and recruitment agencies such as Allen & York. The jobs section is great for those looking for work, but who are unfamiliar with job search on the jobs on the internet. If clients are looking for jobs close to home, or maybe far away they will be able to find them on the jobs section.

In the jobs section there are section for; administration, managerial, ICT and many more. On the Admin section visitors will be able to find administration jobs from various areas and salary. The Linkedin section has been designed to cut out the hassle of searching for a job using social media. Many companies now are starting to advertise on Linkedin and similar social media sites due to the reach (or the audience) that these sites have over other conventional job sites. When looking on the CCW jobs tab, clients will be able to find different jobs from different sectors and locations so they won’t have to spend hours looking themselves.

CCW have made sure that the site and pages:

  1. Are easily accessible
  2. Are Professional positions
  3. Don’t require a high level of computer literacy to find the applications
  4. Are advertised for free and are not commission based so we have no obligation to sell one position over another, our commitment is still with our delegates and learners.

Director of CCW, Mike Tan said “It’s a great source of jobs and a cuts out the hassle of searching for hours to find a job you’re remotely interested in” The jobs section makes it easier for clients, visitors and delegates to find the jobs they need to return to sustainable employment. “Time spend searching for jobs, is time that could have been spent on applications, networking and other activities that could lead to employment.” he goes on to say.

“The whole purpose of CCW is to help people return to work or change career” said Daniel Tan, Office Manager. He goes on to say “…any additional resources, training or material that can give to our clients an edge in the race for employment is worth the time we spend on it”.

Harri Shuffley Administration assistant said “It’s hard work finding the right jobs to put up on the site. We are very particular about where we pull them from. It can be time consuming but as long as we’re helping people we’re happy to do it.”

If you have a job you would like advertised with us then please contact for more details.

*CCW is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and are not responsible for the procurement of the vacancies. The jobs page is a free service offered to companies.

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