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The Catch 22 of a generation

  The Catch 22 of a Generation: Finding a First Job Kynaat, the newest addition  to the CCW team talks about her (and many others’) experience in finding her first full time job after a University level education. She discusses in detail how the frustration of being unemployed simply because she was a recent graduate,

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About Our Computer Training

  About Our Computer Training Our Teaching We understand that those interested in computer training vary in level and ability. We have taught individuals with little or no experience in computing and computer applications, to individuals who want to attain the qualifications required to become a tutor for awarding bodies such as the British Computer

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The Difference Between Voluntary Redundancy, Voluntary Severance and Voluntary Exit Schemes

Voluntary Redundancy or Severance and Voluntary Exit Schemes What are the Differences Between Voluntary Redundancy or Voluntary Severance and Voluntary Exit Scheme? From the outset, there seems to be few notable differences between Voluntary Redundancy or Voluntary Severance and Voluntary Exit. As far as your conditions for leaving are concerned (i.e. severance, pension etc…); they will vary from company to

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CCW Launch Psychology of Leadership Course

  New course – ilm accredited management training “Psychology of Leadership Course” Training experts CCW-Training Academy recently launched a new training course to assist managers and leaders to better understand their teams and more importantly, themselves. This innovative program is aimed for team leaders and managers of all levels and empowers them with psychological theory

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CCW’s Jobs Page

  CCW’s Jobs Page To further support our candidates in returning to employment CCW have launched a section devoted to jobs. These are freely advertised from all organisations and available to all visitors of our site. The jobs section of the website hosts a variety of jobs from various positions. From entry level administration to

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