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We have some new courses that are brilliant for those looking at getting their customer service/care skills up to scratch. These courses have been designed for those who work with customers all day, whether it be over the telephone or face to face. Our customer care courses are a variety of different subjects from Customer Care as a broad training to Effective Telephone Communication.

Click on the Links below to view each of the different courses.


Effective Telephone Communication :

This interactive innovative and experiential workshop will equip you and give you the insight to recognise and understand how the dynamics of communications change dramatically when the input of our eyes is excluded from the interaction.

Customer Care :classroom_photo_ilm_nov2011_reduced

This interactive workshop will help you to understand how your customers think by putting you in your customers’ shoes. By thinking how your customers think, you will develop greater empathy towards them – helping to craft and deliver the customer experience that not only retains their custom, but keeps them coming back year after year to spend their money with your organisation.

Business Development :

This interactive workshop will help you to understand the concept of ‘customer-centricity’ and how using this strategy can develop a more profitable business without incurring any additional marketing costs to do so. We’ll help you formulate the strategies and plans to communicate with customers in order to make them aware of some of the other goods and services that you have available in your ‘stores’ which they will find useful and beneficial in their own every days.

Internal Sales :

This interactive workshop will equip you and give you the necessary insights to use ‘EFFECTIVE Selling Skills’ to gain effective cooperation between divisions and departments to maintain maximum revenue.

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