MEW Project and Website Nearly Complete!

A peep at our nearly completed Erasmus+ KA2 (MEW project)

Mental Health during COVID-19 pandemic

In the present COVID-19 pandemic situation, many countries in the world especially people working from home, supermarket, food and beverage sectors and others are experiencing some form of health challenges linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our “Mental and Emotional Wellbeing” (MEW) project raises awareness of mental and emotional well-being.  Although the situation of mental  and emotional challenges already existed before COVID-19, these have worsened for some people.  Sometimes they find themselves powerless to find solution/s to improve their mindfulness.

In this project one of our partners ADICE from France is leading on ‘best practices used’ and related subjects. Therefore, we have explored some of these best practices in Europe. The definition of best practice is defined as: A method or procedure of approach that has demonstrated through research, experience of established optimal outcomes or even the proposal as a standard that can be adopted in different contexts, places and subjects.

The other tools developed by all project partners are following the best practice guide:

  • Communication/respect: active listening, questioning
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Problem solving and decision-making Relaxation techniques
  • People and environment (socially disadvantaged sectors)

This guide contributes to the final objective of the training offered by the Mental and Emotional Wellbeing (MEW) project, which is to improve self-esteem, confidence and self-assurance, to teach them relaxation methods, to deal with difficult and stressful situations and to develop communication skills, which will be beneficial for their personal and professional workplace.

For more information, please keep a watch on the official launch date of this project in August 2021 – HERE

You can also see the website – HERE

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