CCW Launch Psychology of Leadership Course


New course – ilm accredited management training “Psychology of Leadership Course”

Training experts CCW-Training Academy recently launched a new training course to assist managers and leaders to better understand their teams and more importantly, themselves. This innovative program is aimed for team leaders and managers of all levels and empowers them with psychological theory and management tools. With some fundamental understanding in subjects like motivation and personality styles. Understanding how managers are able to create productive and enjoyable environments where work is done with great efficiency and improving staff retention.

“Its amazing how little so many manager know about psychology, especially considering that their main duty is dealing with people.” says Head of Leadership and Management of CCW, Dr Glen Paterson. “As managers and leaders our main resources are the people who work with us. By empowering managers with these theories we are able to develop more meaningful relationships with our staff and productive relationships with out work.”

Even simple and very well researched subjects are completely misunderstood by managers and leaders; motivation for example. The antiquated method of rewarding good performance with financial gain has been proven to reduce performance in any task more complicated than a basic action. In fact, the more you offer as a reward the worse people do.

This course will shatter some of the myths of management and bring to light a new way of doing things.

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