Human Resources Training

Human Resources Training

Interviewing Skills

This course has been designed for employers, new HR officers and recruitment managers to cover the legislation and practical aspects and skills needed to make recruitment interviews productive, focused and a

Managing Violence and Aggressionhuman resources specialist

With violence at work on the increase, both employer and employees can benefit from reducing its occurrence. For employers, violence can lead to poor morale and a poor image for the organisation, making it difficult to recruit and keep staff.

Understanding Equal Pay & Job Evaluation

Handling Human Resource matters are high on the agenda for many companies, especially when dealing with staff of a diverse mix. The need to have a balanced, fair HR Policy and an equitable pay structure has never been so important.
Human resources training course

Setting up and Managing your Employees

On completion of this 1 day course, delegates will have a clear understanding of the essential key steps in setting up and recruiting their employees. The course will explore designing the “new” job, the people aspects of making that successful first engagement and then the key obligations, surrounding employee relations.

Working at Heights

This course will give you the abilities and the confidence to work at heights and to be able to do so in a safe manner. While working at height you are at large risk of injuring yourself, especially should you fall with now protection. This course will teach you to work at height safely.

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