The Catch 22 of a generation


The Catch 22 of a Generation: Finding a First Job

Kynaat, the newest addition  to the CCW team talks about her (and many others’) experience in finding her first full time job after a University level education.

She discusses in detail how the frustration of being unemployed simply because she was a recent graduate, a growing problem young people throughout the country. The problem faced by most is that without a proven track record it is not possible to show an employer what you can do, this is confounded by the fact that without the opportunity to prove herself, no one would employer.

Without schemes such as the Jobs Growth Wales program, it is simply not advisable for a company, large or small, to take on a young person. A great deal of time, effort and (of course) money goes into training and preparing a new member of staff. Without any kind of record of what they are capable of it is not possible for a company to take on the risk.

This is a growing problem for young job seekers and without a definitive solution there is a risk of an entire generation falling into the NEETs category. With job markets on the recovery, we need to assist the next generation of leaders, businesses and decision makers to prepare for the future of the country. With record numbers of young people (aged 18-24) not in education, employment or training, it is a growing concern for employers that there will be a skills gap in coming years.

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