Continuous Professional Development – CPD

Continuous Professional Development

Here you can find the wide variety of continuous professional development training courses that we provide. From finance, to marketing and covering many other topics.

Continuous Professional Development

We offer a huge range of CPD for individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our CPD offering covers courses including; Accountancy, Marketing, Will Writing and Procurement.

Full Course List of CPD subjects listed below.

Mental Health Awareness

We have created this course to teach anyone, in any sector how to become aware of mental health. We believe that everyone should be able to identify possible signs of mental health especially for themselves. To be able to see the signs and act on them, to improve their own mental health and their understanding of what mental health is.

Critical Thinking Training

Here you can find our training on critical thinking.

Finance Training

Here you can find many of our quality financial courses

General Skills

Here you can find training for many sectors. From ‘How to Write a Killer CV’ to ‘How to Manage Stress’.

Customer Care

You can find here training which is involved with customers such as ‘Effective Telephone Communication’ to ‘Business Development’

1 Day Management and Leadership Training

These are unaccredited courses for those in a management position or who will be leading teams. From ‘Managing Meetings’ to ‘The Art of Delegation’.

Planning and Project Management Skills

From managing; yourself, your time or organisation  Projects. These course are designed to give learners practical experience in project management. From ‘Business Planning’ to ‘Time Management.

Human Resources

Do you need professional development in human resources? In the human resources job you will need many skills, which you can find training for here. From ‘Team Building’ to ‘Interviewing Skills’.

Personal development

Here you can find a variety of courses which will help you to improve your personal skills.

Environmental Awareness & Sustainability Courses

Here you can find out environmental courses. From ‘Effective Environmental Management’ to ‘Environmental Awareness’.

Construction Courses

Our constructions courses can all be found under ‘Constructions Courses’. From ‘Topographical Surveying’ to ‘CDM Awareness’.

Online and Zoom-pro based training

We are offering online and Zoom based training as well as our usual classroom courses. Should there be further lockdown restrictions more courses are likely to be done either through Zoom or via online. However as of this moment, we are providing all of our training as normal in classrooms. We are also ensuring that classroom training courses are done in very small numbers of no more than 4. This is so we can not only provide the highest quality of training, but also we ensure everyone’s safety during these times.

Should you be interested in Zoom training you will need to have a PC or laptop and a free Zoom account. If you do not have a Zoom account, we can help you to setup one.