ILM Train the Trainer – Training for March and April 2022

ILM Train the Trainer – Training for March and April 2022

We will be running many excellent courses in March and April including ILM Train the Trainer, ILM Level 2 Award, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD and more. Find out about the courses that we will be running over those months below! Check out what the courses cover as well as which courses are due to run.

ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills

The ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills is an entry level qualification for anyone with management responsibilities but no formal qualification. It is also useful for anyone hoping to progress into a management position but who have not yet formalised their understanding with any training. It will benefit anyone with a management or supervisory position.

ILM Train the Trainer

ILM Train the Trainer

This unique ‘Train the Trainer – Master Class’ is truly different and incredibly useful for trainers. The course has been designed with all of our experience, skill, innovative excellence, and imagination. This training course aims to liberate trainers from their fears and empower them to use their most potent developmental weapon, themselves. This two day ‘Train the Trainer’ course redefines the trainer’s role. You will agree that a facilitator works with people, using imagination, flexibility, persuasion, passion and a shared sense of “higher self’. This ‘Train the Trainer’ course enables all of the delegates to have the confidence and skill to become facilitators. We will encourage them to leave their egos behind and feel empowered and excited by the experience. This is not just a course for experienced trainers, people with little or no experience will benefit from a course that takes the fear out of training, replacing it with passion for teaching.

Microsoft Project

MS projects is Microsoft’s answer to contemporary project management tools. It has been designed to assist project managers to plan, assign resources and track project progress towards completions. It has become one of the most popular and the fastest growing project management tool available on the market. In addition to these features MS Projects can be used to track project related aspects. More recent features to be added include ‘inactive tasks’ that allow for ‘what if’ analysis, synchronisation of project aspects over sharepoint and for multiple projects to share a pool of resources. This Microsoft Project training Cardiff has been designed to assist individuals with minimal or no experience in Microsoft project on the correct use of these functions and for individuals with some experience but whom are unfamiliar with more advanced functions of MS Projects.

Microsoft Word

ILM Train the Trainer

Familiarity with word is a requirement for every individual either in education, in the workplace or otherwise. It is the most commonly use MS office application in organisations across sectors and industries. It enables user to produce high quality documents for a variety of purposes and requirements. It can be used to complete mail merges and other postal communication documents, create forms and documents for other to complete, create template documents to help improve efficiency of individuals and much more. We provide high quality Microsoft Word Training Cardiff that will bring you up to a working standard.

Beginner AutoCAD

Beginner AutoCAD Training. Offsite Training: We are able to offer training at your premises subject to a minimum number of candidates. We can also offer bespoke training to your line of business at all levels. If interested please contact us at or call 029 21 156 603, and we will be able to give you a very competitive rate.

This beginner AutoCAD course focuses on the basic features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD 2019®. Using hands-on exercises, students explore how to create 1 Dimension production drawings.

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